Emergency Response

Generator Installation
East River Energy, your energy partner, sells, rents and installs
Generators that will adequately keep your office or your home and
family comfortable, even in the worst weather conditions.

Standby Generators
We Have The Power! You Can, Too!

Unlike portable generators, standby generators are installed permanently on a concrete pad at your property and will provide uninterrupted backup for days, because they’re connected directly to your home’s electrical panel and powered by an external fuel supply, such as natural gas, liquid propane or diesel.

East River Energy can provide options for permanently installed automatic standby generators in order to protect your family and home from damaging and potentially dangerous power outages by providing uninterrupted power to your home.

• Runs on propane or natural gas
• Start up instantly when the power goes out
• Easy to maintain
• Choose from a variety of power capacities

East River Energy will:
• Size the proper generator for your home and needs.
• Coordinate all wiring and electrical work.
• Install generator including all fuel piping.
• Size proper propane tank for uninterrupted runtime.
• Supply propane to fuel your generator.

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