Choose a Trustworthy Energy Company to Fuel Your Madison Home or Business

Whether you’re a commercial business owner or a homeowner, East River Energy can supply the affordable, dependable energy services you require. For three decades, we’ve maintained our position as one of the leading energy providers in Connecticut and its neighboring states. We specialize in everything from heating fuels to affordable electricity to bulk water delivery. Being a Guilford-based, family-owned business, our customers are also our neighbors. Therefore, we understand the importance of delivering client-focused service and meeting the needs of each of our clients.

Affordable, Reliable Energy

East River Energy offers extensive, reliable services to Madison, CT residential customers, including heating oil delivery, water delivery, oil tank monitoring and propane system installation and upkeep. Additionally, we offer a number of payment options for our services, as well as automatic or will call delivery preferences for our heating fuels.

Resources for Businesses

Since 1984, East River Energy has provided a myriad of energy resources to commercial entities, such as public and private sectors, municipal, industrial, and state or government-owned facilities. Whether your company requires heating oils or green fuels to power a furnace, electricity, natural gas, water, or another resource, we possess the expertise and dedication to get the job done at an affordable rate.

State Certified Water Delivery

If you’re in need of clean, safe water to fill your pool or spa, we at East River Energy can assist you. For 30 years, we’ve been recognized as one of the largest pool water dealers and deliverers in the area. Six days a week, we offer state certified pool water delivery services to customers in Madison and its surrounding areas.