How To Save Money

Conserve Energy And Save Money
East River Energy offers multiple money saving pricing programs to best suite your energy needs. There are also many ways to conserve energy and save money.

Pre Pay

We guarantee you oil at a fixed-price per gallon. You make a single payment in advance for the gallons you want to protect. This is the lowest costing oil of any of our plans.
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Easy Pay Budget

Budget twelve equal monthly payments based on the total gallons of oil you used last year. We guarantee oil at our daily market price.
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Conservation Tips

Here’s some handy information that can help you conserve energy and save money. Some of these things are really basic and don’t cost a dime! Others may require some expert assistance.

Adding Insulation
Insulating ceilings, attics and walls will save a bundle. It’s an inexpensive way to save a lot of money fast. How much insulation do you need? It’s best to ask an expert, but in our experience… as much as you can fit.

Installing New Roofing and Siding
New siding itself isn’t really a big energy saver but what’s underneath is. New siding often is installed over a wind barrier (such as Tyvek) and often with a layer of dense foam insulation. This combination is great for sealing out drafts and adding an extra layer of insulation where you need it most.

Replacing old Windows and Doors
Old windows and doors are a common cause of significant heat loss. Old-fashion, non-thermal-pane windows can rob you of 20% of your heat! Poor weather stripping also results in cold drafts that blow right through cracks in you home. How significant is heat loss? It could be 15% or more!

Some Easy Things You Can Do:
• Feel for air leaks around windows, doors and electrical outlets and get rid of them with weather stripping & caulk
• Seal cracks in your home’s foundation
• Replace broken window glass
• Seal off your attic circulating fan with polyethylene and tape
• Keep closet doors closed
• Remove window air conditioners or tightly cover them
• Use storm windows and doors
• Close fireplace flue when not in use
• Keep attached garage doors closed

Schedule a tune-up today for peak efficiency and reliable operation.
To keep running at peak efficiency, your home’s heating system needs periodic tune-ups. Be sure to schedule a tune-up by one of our skilled East River Energy technicians to make sure your system will perform reliably during the winter heating season.

• A tuned system running at peak efficiency can save you up to 10% in annual heating costs.
• We can find problems before they become expensive, inconvenient repairs and protect your system from unforeseen emergency service.

It’s easy to arrange for a convenient appointment. Call Phyllis at 203-453-1200 ext 2017 to set a date for your home heating system tune-up.

Service Plans

Although generally reliable, your home heating system has hundreds of parts that can wear out or fail like most mechanical systems. Our affordable service plans guard you against unexpected, expensive repair work.

Economy Plan
Covers parts and labor for repair and replacement of 81 critical parts in hot air and hot water heating systems. The plan also covers a full system tune up.
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Total Comfort Plan
Adds 56 parts and several special services to the Economy Plan, including repairs specifically for hot water heating systems, their boiler, baseboards and radiators.
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Oil-Fired Water Heater Coverage
Coverage includes burner parts, aquastat, controls and emergency switch (the hot water tank itself is not covered). Burner tune-up is included. Coverage can only be obtained in conjunction with one of the two heating system service plans above.
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Customer Rewards
As a valued customer you will receive a $25 credit for each consecutive year you renew you Economy Plan and a $50 credit for the Total Comfort Plan. Credits can be used to purchase heating and cooling equipment.
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