Pricing Programs

Price Programs

Fixed Price Program

East River Energy’s Fixed Price product guarantees the customer one locked price for a contracted volume of fuel over a contractual period determined by both parties. This program not only protects the customer from the unforeseen market volatility, but allows them to set a budget and have a balanced approach regarding energy usage.

How it works:
Lock in a delivered price for a specified volume over the contract period. No matter what the market does, your price is agreed upon and guaranteed.

Guaranteed fixed cost for energy usage. (Ability to set budget)
Protection from the unforeseen energy market volatility.

Differential Price Program

Differential Price options are ideal for customers who can tolerate unforeseen market volatility in order to take advantage of a potential falling market. These prices can be tied to floating indexes such as universal postings or publications that may be tailored to your specific product in your specific region.

How it works:
Commit to East River Energy for an estimated number of gallons during a specific contractual period and the price benchmark agreed upon by both parties will be utilized to confirm the billing price on your specific date of delivery.

Opportunity to take advantage of potential falling market.

Executed Strike Price

East River Energy’s Strike Price Program affords our customers the opportunity to meet or exceed budget objectives by setting a Strike Price with the option of setting a cap price to protect against an unforeseen continual rising market. East River Energy’s Strike Price Program enables our customers to take advantage of downward market trends while protecting from the market volatility by setting stop losses or a “ceiling.” This program provides the flexibility to contact our representatives and restructure “floors” and “ceilings” based on their needs and current market conditions.

How it works
East River Energy’s Strike Price program allows the customer to set a target price for either full requirements or break the requirements into multiple sections resulting in a cost average of full requirements. The strike price will be effective for gallons specified over the contractual period.

Allows customer to take advantage of downward market trends with the option of “ceiling” protection. Enables customer to leave the focus of energy purchases to their supplier and not be consumed with tracking the markets every move.

Total Cost Management

At East River Energy we take in pride in our position as Your Energy Partner. We understand that the ever increasing cost of energy affects every consumer in one way or another. Needless to say, East River Energy has entrenched itself in the total energy market so that your cost savings do not stop at just oil. Whether it be oil, natural gas, electricity, or potable water, we have found ways to help you the consumer save through not only unique pricing options, but conservation as well.

Flex your fuels
We work with the consumer to utilize the best, most efficient fuel options available all the time. If you have the flexibility to use “dual fuels” we can help you determine the best time to burn each fuel, scheduling these conversions ahead of time, allowing you to take advantage of aggressive pricing options without service interruption.

Cost management
East River Energy will work closely with you to determine the best cost structure for your needs. Whether it be short or long term, we can tailor your energy budget to suit your needs.

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