Motor Fuels

Fleet Fuel Guilford, CT
East River Energy has extensive history in delivering to all modes of transportation, including but not limited to road vehicles, water vessels, generators, and onsite construction equipment. Our proprietary fleet of delivery trucks enables us to service your needs no matter what the application.

Our wide array of customers have called on East River Energy to prepare them for imminent changes in the market place including the ethanol conversion in gasoline as well as introducing Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel.

Motor Fuels

Being in the trucking business ourselves, we understand more than anyone how imperative it is to have your equipment where it belongs…on the road earning dollars for you.

With the ever changing specifications and regulations surrounding the motor fuel industry, we know that you and your equipment requires the highest grade of product available in the marketplace. East River Energy continues to deliver on our promise that our customers consistently receive the best quality product available all year long.

East River Energy can supply you with diesel fuel that will run when you need it, even in the coldest winter months. Our premium additized diesel is formulated to:

• Keep your injectors clean with effective detergents
• Prevent formation of sludge in storage and saddle tanks using the latest stabilizers
• Improves cold weather performance with the addition of cold flow improvers
• Additional lubrication and anti-corrosive

East River Energy supplies these premium motor fuels:
• #1 ULSD
• #2 ULSD
• Gasoline
• BioDiesel
• Premium Marine Fuel

Marine Fuels

East River Energy is a Certified ValvTect Marine Fuel Distributor. Like our commercial motor fuels, our premium grade marine fuels are designed to effectively run your marine engine efficiently without compromising power and performance.

Marine engines naturally work harder than truck and car engines due to the necessary functions of propelling a boat through open water. Our premium Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel and gasoline is formulated to prepare your engine for the harshest conditions.

East River Energy offers the following premium marine fuels:
• Ultra Low Sulfur Diese
• 87 Octane Gasoline
• 89 Octane Gasoline
• 93 Octane Gasoline


BioDiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources. BioDiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a BioDiesel blend. It can be used in compression ignition (diesel) engines with no major modifications.

BioDiesel is the only alternative fuel to have fully completed the health effects testing of the clean air act. The use of BioDiesel in conventional diesel engines has resulted in substantial reduction of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter compared to the emissions from diesel fuel. In addition, the exhaust emissions of sulfur oxides and sulfates (major components in acid rain) from BioDiesel are essentially eliminated compared to conventional diesel fuel.

Do I need special storage facilities?
No. BioDiesel can be stored in your existing storage and saddle tanks. BioDiesel is completely compatible with conventional petroleum products as well as all storage solutions.

Get more mileage out of your dollars.
Although the transition to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel has proven effective in substantially lowering emissions, the reformulated product with reduced sulfur encourages wear due to the lack of natural lubricity. BioDiesel has much higher lubricating properties than today’s conventional Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel which will help your equipment last longer and in many cases run more efficiently.

Green is Clean
Not only is BioDiesel clean burning for the environment but it's properties naturally act as a solvent keeping your tank and equipment cleaner, running smoother, extending engine life, and burning more efficient.

East River Energy offers the following BioDiesel options in blends from 1% to 100%:
• #1 BioDiesel
• #2 BioDiesel
• Biokerosene