Pool Water

Pool Water
F&N Elpat has been the area’s largest “state certified” pool water dealer for over 30 years. We can fill your new pool/spa or top it off 7 days a week, all summer long.

Please call 203.453.1200 ex. 2255 to schedule a Pool Water delivery or a quote.

Heat your pool or spa for less
We can extend the swimming and spa season for you by installing a Maxi-Flo Pool Heater, an economical way to provide warm water for your pool and spa. The Maxi-Flo stainless steel heat exchanger is added to your existing hot water heating system as an additional heating zone. It’s a highly efficient, compact, lightweight unit. Maxi-Flo is available for all types of swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs and will provide plenty of hot water with a significant energy savings over other heating methods.

Call George McQueeney today for an appointment and a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements at 203.453.1200, ex. 2019 or email at gvm@eastriverenergy.com